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Vibracathedral Orchestra - So-Called Texture CDR

Vibracathedral Orchestra - So-Called Texture CDR

Vibracathedral Orchestra, 2017, UK

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Self-released CDR from the perennially classic Leeds drone-jammers. From the band: "Instant compositions by Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell, Adam Davenport, Michael Flower and John Godbert. Recorded in Manchester on 16 October 2016, live to two-track with no edits."

A soothing racket rises from the din and in the details we can hear clanking bells, quickly-bowed strings, synthesizer bleeps and bloops, all-in-all a cosmic slop of wonderful sonic movement. In this set, it's particularly impressive how each section follows from the last, without having to necessarily build from the same soft-loud-soft trajectory that less experienced experimental musicians might fall in. Moments of fading into the background or coming forward build to create a truly dynamic Vibracathedral Orchestra release, up to the level of their classics like Versatile Arab Chord Chart (2000) and their self-titled release from 2004. 

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