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Uku Kuut - Estonian Funk CD

Uku Kuut - Estonian Funk CD

Big Tree Studios (BIGTREE005), 2012, Estonia

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Estonian Funk is a twelve-track compilation showing off the talent and versatility of Uku Kuut (1966–2017), the maverick Estonian producer and musician whose sound bounced between funk, disco, house, hip-hop and all the way back around again. It's truly hard to pick favorites here, each track is a flame that illuminates the dark path toward sonic ecstasy, but anyway here's a few: "Fucking Bitch", the ballroom-style collab with Diva Avari which will lodge its profanity-laden chorus deep within your brain; "Main Funk (TLL73 Remix) in which Uku and his mother Maryn's vocals blend in an enchanting refrain of "let's dance"; or the romantic house anthem "One More Time (Umblu Remix)". Each of Uku Kuut's tracks feels lovingly assembled, a bit homespun, artisanal and ever-so-slightly lo-fi in a way that brings warmth and character to what otherwise might be alienating and anonymous beats. 

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