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Terry Fox - Audioworks LP

Terry Fox - Audioworks LP

Song Cycle (CY983), 2018, UK

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An essential release of San Francisco conceptual artist Terry Fox's (1943–2008) sound recordings, originally issued in 1983 as a limited edition cassette in Italy and here pressed onto LP by London's Song Cycle Records, which has similarly issued vinyl releases for the likes of Marcel Duchamp, Michael Snow and Edward Artemiev. 

Fans of spaced-out drone and ambient noise will be drawn to Terry Fox's compositions on Audioworks, which feature tape loops, synthesizers and musique concréte techniques developed through experimentation in the 1960s and 1970s. 

"Rather than focused on a singe work like most of the artist’s releases, [Audioworks] offers one of the broadest single representations of his practice, featuring five incredible works – "Culvert", "Lunar Rambles", "Timbre", "Cat Purrs Ending", and "Flu Alarm", each opening a unique window into the diversity of his approach.

"Filled with a remarkable range of sonority – drones, squeals, pluses, purrs, and klangs, Audioworks is a true celebration of creativity through sound –  high art at its most musical. A world and practice, years ahead of its time, which offered attention to everyday phenomena and aspects of social existence, the LP is one of those rare objects which stands on its own for its own creative worth, while illuminating history, practice, and the shadowing line between avant-garde music and the world of sound-art. Absolutely wonderful and essential." – Bradford Bailey

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