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Mihály Víg: Music From The Film Sátántangó LP

Mihály Víg: Music From The Film Sátántangó LP

Arbelos (ARM001), 2021, US

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Coinciding with their restoration and re-release of Hungarian auteur Béla Tarr's 7.5 hour magnum opus Sátántangó (1994), Arbelos Films issues the first release of composer Mihály Víg's soundtrack. Víg got his start in underground rock bands Balaton and Trabant, the latter of which managed to release a single 7" during their initial run, a soundtrack of János Xantus's Eskimo Woman Feel Cold (1984), a strange new wave parable in which the band performs and singer Marietta Méhes plays a central role. Balaton's afterlives (following their original run from 1979–87) have produced ample recordings including posthumous releases of recordings made during their original run.

Víg's score for Sátántangó is certainly different from his out-rock roots. It's elliptical and meandering, and employs ample accordion, strings and soundscapes. It reflects the wonder, curiosity and bleakness found in Tarr's film, and this release is its first and only time available on vinyl. 

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