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Jack Rose - Red Horse, White Mule LP

Jack Rose - Red Horse, White Mule LP

VHF (VHF141), 2016, US

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The first in a trilogy of superb LPs made between 2002–04 by Jack Rose, a native son of Virginia and later adopted Philadelphian. A true individual, Jack Rose's music endures years after his untimely passing in 2009, and this—his first proper LP—was reissued by VHF in 2016 with the permission of Rose's estate. 

"Jack’s 2002 solo debut 'Red Horse, White Mule' was a bit of an outlier in the underground gestalt at the time of issue, coming just before the wave of releases from the new generation of Takoma/Fahey-inspired players. Strictly a solo affair, 'Red Horse' balances the epic side-long raga of 'Red Horse' against a second side of shorter pieces, including the ragged slide-style of 'The Colonel’s Blues'. Jack’s technique doesn’t have the refinement that it would quickly find, but the compositions and performances hit thread the needed between the new and the classic with a rough-hewn charm." – VHF

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