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Jack Rose - Raag Manifestos LP

Jack Rose - Raag Manifestos LP

VHF (VHF85), 2016, US

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The third album in a trilogy of LP releases from Jack Rose between 2002–04, "Raag Manifestos" is a collection of tracks recorded across different cities and with a sharper edge than some of Rose's more serene recordings. Featuring accompaniment by Eric Carbonara and Ian Nagoski, "Raag Manifestos" is one of Roses's most memorable releases, and was reissued on LP by VHF in 2016, with the permission of Rose's estate. 

"Originally compiled from a variety of sources as a limited edition CD to sell on tour in 2004 (released by VHF, later released on vinyl by Eclipse), 'Raag Manifestos' presents much of Jack’s rawest and most experimental music, cutting across various acoustic styles, but with a much more jagged and aggressive attack than later music. 'Black Pearls from the River' and 'Hart Crane’s Old Boyfriends' are dense, serious assaults on the 12-string, with the intensity of the latter enhanced by Ian Nagoski’s roaring electronic backdrop. With subtle tabla accompaniment by Eric Carbonara, 'Crossing The Great Waters' is another epic modal journey in the style of Pelt’s 'Road To Catawba' and Jack’s own 'Red Horse'. The traditional 'Blessed Be the Name of the Lord' finishes the LP on a calming note.

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