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East-West - Can't Face the Night 12"

East-West - Can't Face the Night 12"

Emotional Rescue (ERC132), 2023, UK

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An irresistible floor-filler, East-West's "Can't Face the Night" is back in print thanks again to Emotional Rescue. Included on Naya Beat's recent compilation "Naya Beat Volume 1: South Asian Dance And Electronic Music 1983 - 1992", here the track is presented in its full 12" glory with a dub mix and extended discomix from ER label head Chuggy. Sooo highly recommended!

"Completing a trilogy of reissues from the Indipop label, Emotional Rescue celebrates its 10th Anniversary by looking again at the ground-breaking music of Steve Coe and his label. Founding Indipop in 1981 to debut the single of his new project, Monsoon and the soon to be hit ‘Ever So Lonely’ that brought to the world (dance) music stage the singing talents of young actress and vocalist, Sheila Chandra.

"Only ever released as a white label promo in 1984, the reasons 'Can't Face the Night' remained a mega rarity have been lost over-time; however, its sheer scarcity means it now trades for dizzying sums. Appearing later on compilations, here at last is the first-time full reissue of the Club and Dub Mixes, plus a long-form remix in 2 parts, by label honcho Chuggy.

"Possibly the most song-based of Steve's projects working away from Sheila, he again teams up with Martin Smith to work with unknown vocalist Usha on what became an unfinished band project idea. Presented in Club Mix, they craft a one-off, uplifting sitar and bass heavy 80s disco-inspired “Klab hit”, as well as the instrumental focused Dub Mix that accentuates the sitar play for a slower and steady build.

"As this project was painstakingly formed, the B-side remix took shape, diving in to the studio with label affiliate Dan Tyler (Idjut Boys / NAD), rearranging the best of both mixes, extending and dubbing over 12 minutes of Indian Classical meets 80s Psychedelic clubland Ecstasy and is presented alongside a digital only bonus long Dub for the more nuanced minds.
" – Emotional Rescue


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