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DJ HTSHELL - For Promotional Use Only CDR

DJ HTSHELL - For Promotional Use Only CDR

Love's Devotee (LOVEXXX), 2023, USA

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Breezy set of dancing music from Love's Devotee honcho DJ HTSHELL. 20 tracks and 79 minutes of continuous mix with an idiosyncratic playlist ranging from 1971 to late 2022 and touching down in Memphis, Munich, the Italian coast, Budapest, Nottingham, Seoul and points further afield. 

The cover art by Caroline Hanna is a star of the show, and the gag is that the back cover tries to convince club owners that they should book DJ HTSHELL at their drive-in, flea market or hootenanny. Is this art or commerce?! Why would this label sell their own promos?! The answer seems to be: who cares, it doesn't matter. Turn off all the lights, turn UP your headphones, press play and float around your room like you're a maniac at an all-dayer in Rotterdam 1991. Rave: on. 

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