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Brother JT & Vibrolux - Invocation 7"

Brother JT & Vibrolux - Invocation 7"

Siltbreeze (SB45), 1996, USA

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We unearthed two of the deadest deadstock copies of this classic Siltbreeze release from the one and only Brother JT, the freakout hero and spiritual soulsinger of the Lehigh Valley. On "Invocation", BroJT and company stretch out a sparse blues jam across the two sides of this 45. Piano, drums, tambourine and yelping vocals mingle, with JT singing some nonsense about "extra scrapple" (if there wasn't enough Pennsylvania already dripping off of this for you). 

"The only truly revolutionary act today is to go up to someone and say, 'I wanna be your friend. I am not afraid of you.'"

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