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Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You CD

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You CD

Drag City (DC890), 2023, US

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What an era to be alive: yet another new Bonnie "Prince" Billy album, and may there be two hundred more! Following 2021's BPB + Bill Callahan double-album of collaborations (Blind Date Party) and the follow-up of the Matt Sweeney collaboration (Superwolves)—and a special CDR release on Haha (High and High and Mighty)Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You is a classic BPB solo affair. 30 years after Palace's debut album, Will Oldham is still remarkably consistent, varied and surprising in his approach to song, and it's pure joy to behold. 

"Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You is a tale as old as time. It’s an album. Its songs and music are by and for people together. For listening together. Before it gets too late. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy stands at the nexus of all the kinds of music he can summon, with friends, with family and community. All roads roll though him. There can be no holding back. A million billion moments are on the line. He’s gonna tell us about a world..." — Drag City

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