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The Embarrassment - Sex Drive/Patio Set 7"

The Embarrassment - Sex Drive/Patio Set 7"

Last Laugh (HAW-018), 2011, US

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When I was a baby punk in the early 2000s, I remember The Embarrassment's Sex Drive 7" was spoken about as one of the punk rock holy grails. From Wichita, Kansas, the "blister pop" group's debut single sounded weird, paranoid and not like most classic "punk rock" that I knew at the time. I think I heard it on WPRB first and then downloaded a 128k mp3 from Soulseek. Anyway, here we have two copies of Last Laugh/Almost Ready Records' 2011 reissue, obtained from a distro so in Like New condition and an all-time classic available at a good price. Finally, "Patio Set" on the b-side is no slouch either. Members of The Embarrassment would go on to form Big Dipper and The Del Fuegos, but for me nothing matches their first group and in particular this single. 

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