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5/4: Jason Anderson with Christina Giacoletti

5/4: Jason Anderson with Christina Giacoletti

Saturday May 4, 2024
Love's Devotee presents...

Jason Anderson (intimate and anthemic indie-folk from NH/New Brunswick, Salinas Records)
Christina Giacoletti (local singer-songwriter with soaring vocals, solo set)

Lit Coffee Roastery & Bakeshop (26 E 3rd St., Bethlehem PA 18015)

doors: 7:00pm / show: 7:30pm
All ages welcome
$10 suggested donation — no advance tickets, pay at the door


New Hampshire born, New Brunswick based, Jason Anderson is an award-winning indie folk artist whose work is as anthemic as it is affecting. A poignant writer and consummate showman, Jason’s songs are keenly-observed snapshots of emotion and experience, while his electrifying concerts celebrate the power of the here and now—both invitation and conversation, reflection and release.

After underground success with early albums New England and The Wreath—both released on DIY tastemaker K Records—Jason stepped away from his own music, pursuing both a Master of Arts in Teaching and an MFA in Poetry, as well as collaborating closely with other artists. Most notably, he played guitar on Mount Eerie’s Black Wooden Ceiling Opening as well as Strand of Oaks’ Hard Love, temporarily joining both bands as a touring guitarist to promote those releases. 

Every so often he would emerge—Joyce Manor asked him to open a US tour in 2015—but for the most part Jason seemed content to write and record, quietly self-releasing lo-fi gems like Summer Style, Cold Cold Rain, and 2021’s stunning pair of EPs We Walked Home in Silence and Canyonlands. With Omaha and Restless he began a trilogy of LPs with Salinas Records, one that First Light triumphantly completes. 

First Light is a compelling, cathartic listen, as Anderson’s poignant lyrics and soaring melodies make for an inspired fit with producer Thomas Wincek (All Tiny Creatures, Field Report, Volcano Choir). Wincek’s massive sonic backdrops provide a powerful depth to Anderson’s ruminative narratives and sing-along hooks. The whole thing feels a bit like erudite indie stadium rock, somewhere between The Weakerthans and Springsteen. What’s perhaps most awesome about the project is hearing a bedroom singer-songwriter pushing themselves in such an unexpected and rewarding way. 

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